Our On-Demand Support Services - SLAs

Level 1

  • Basis SAP user questions
  • Logon/Password errors
  • Printer Issues

Level 2

  • Answer User How to Questions
  • Troubleshooting system/ transactional errors
  • Handling System dumps

Level 3

Reactive Support

  • Fix and / or provide workaround to business critical problems
  • Optimizing user roles and authorizations
  • Quick changes to existing RICEF objects

Proactive Support
  • Audit user and system controls
  • Cleanup old logs / check for dumps and spool errors
  • Audit user security, profiles and authorizations

Level 4

Change Requests

  • Changes to reports, interfaces, enhancements and forms
  • Adoption to changes in business scenario
  • New RICEF objects / configurations
  • SAP application and kernel patching

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