Unmatched SAP Expertise and SAP 24X7 Support Helpdesk

SAP Solution Manager:   Technical or functional support of Solman
SAP Hosting:    Secure, reliable and compliant hosting of mission-critical SAP applications
SAP Upgrades:    Experienced in upgrading to SAP ERP Enterprise Core Component – ECC 6.0. Contact us today for complimentary appraisals.
SAP Application Management Services:   Our SAP Application Management services are offered for support, continuous improvement of SAP solution-based landscapes and to optimize all business related processes. We guarantee you to reduce your total cost of ownership on yearly basis
SAP Roll-out and migration:    Our NJ based on shore and India based offshore office is in its 8th year doing SAP roll outs for various companies. Please contact us for a complimentary assessment and a proposal. (References are available upon request)
Offshore Support:   McKinsol team of experts are experienced in providing regular support in almost entire suite of SAP software.
McKinsol's Resource Support:   Should you just need an expert on workmanship basis? No problems as we help many multi-billion dollar clients for their requests for various tasks on short term or long term basis.